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Brittle by Jo

"Made Especially for You"

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Order Early for the upcoming Christmas Holidays! Your loved ones will know you truly care!

"Being a Texas boy living in New York, I am always glad when my mother sends me a brittle care package. I have to hide it from my office mates to get any for myself!"

Scott, New York


Description, Size


Peanut Brittle Packages
4 oz. Peanut Brittle $3.25  
  8 oz. $6.45
  2 oz. $2.00
Pecan Brittle Packages
4 oz. Pecan Brittle $4.50  
  8 oz. $8.95
  2 oz. $2.50
Other Nut Brittles           All 4 oz. size
Almond Brittle $4.75  
  Cashew Brittle $4.75
  Walnut Brittle $4.75
Specialty Peanut Items    All 4 oz. size
Coconut Peanut Brittle $3.50  
  Habanero Peanut Brittle $3.50
  Jalapeno Peanut Brittle $3.50
  Peppered Peanuts $3.50
Specialty Pecan Items    All 4 oz. size
Candied Pecans $5.50  
  Caramel Pecans $5.50
  Honey Toasted Pecans $5.50
  Onion Garlic Pecans $5.50
  Peppered Pecans $5.50
  Jalapeno Pecan Brittle $4.75
  Cinnamon Pecan Brittle $4.75
  Habanero Pecan Brittle $4.75
Chewy Pralines, 1 3/4 oz. $1.99  
  Original Pralines, 1 3/4 oz. $1.99
  Custom box of 18 Pralines with tissue and ready for shipping. $39.00
Gift Boxes, Combinations
  Large Combination Gift Box: To include your choice of (3) 4 oz. pkg. Peanut Brittle, (3) 4 oz. pkg. Pecan Brittle, (2) 4 oz. pkg. Specialty Pecan items, and (8) pralines, original or chewy. $65.00 Packed appropriately for shipping with decorative tissue paper and bubble wrap. A great gift for family, friends, coworkers. Very popular as Christmas or holiday gift.
Glass Gift Jars and Gift Baskets available on request
Shipping Charges: Minimum $12.00 up to 3 lbs. Thereafter, add $.50 per pound. We use UPS and USPS, whichever is most efficient per weight.

Prices Subject to Change.

Texas Sales add 8.25% sales tax

Chocolate items only available during winter months (it is HOT in Texas and your chocolate would not arrive safely during the summer months....sorry!)